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Project Description

The first goal of this project is to offer a solution to migrate a test plan from a TFS project to another.

This first version do not create the test cases in the target project because the goal was to restore a Test Plan + Test Suite hierarchy after a manual user deletion without restoring all the Project Collection Database.

As I discovered, deleting a Test Plan will do the following :
- Delete all TestSuiteEntry (the link between a Test Suite node and a Test Case)
- Delete all TestSuite (the nodes in the test hierarchy), including root TestSuite
- Delete the TestPlan

Test cases are workitems and are preserved, so in case of incident you can imagine restoring a valid TFS backup (after a few effort) in the same (or a different) TFS instance as a new project collection. In this way you will be able to restore your hundreds of Test Case / Shared Steps workitems and the deleted Test Plan and all the Suites... at this step, this tool will help you to restore your full Test Plan in your original Team Project Collection.

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Technical details

.NET 4.0
Coded in C#
Visual Studio 2010 Project
Only tested on TFS 2010

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